Empowering New York City


At IDL, we are committed to offering high quality services.


We Offer

  • New installation or upgrading existing lighting and power infrastructure.
  • New installation or upgrading existing communication interfaces, telephone and IT systems.
  • Supply and installation of substations for traction power or electrical distribution.
  • Electrical, lighting and power needs for major renovations and new construction.
  • Fire alarm system installation and testing.
  • Station renovations, extensions and new construction.
  • Installation and testing of communication interfaces from consumer information posts to CCTV security and emergency communication systems.
  • Fiber optic infrastructure installation, testing, and upgrading.
  • Installation of traction power substations.
  • Fire alarm or fire suppression systems and lifesaving equipment installation and testing.
  • Extensive experience in co-generation plants and powerhouses from controls to substations.
  • Electrical, power distribution and communication infrastructure for utility applications.
  • Electrical and communications work associated with new installation and renovations to existing elevators.
  • New installation or retrofitting of existing infrastructure, power, lighting and communication systems for weatherization projects.
  • Emergency response for weather calamities.
  • Emergency backup systems, emergency generator installation and lighting UPS.
  • Communication systems installation and testing.
  • Fiber optic infrastructure installation, testing, upgrading.
  • PA systems installation, especially those with unique system needs from subway station systems to high school auditoriums.
  • Interconnected systems within public spaces.

Notable Projects


  • NY/NJ Port Authority
  • MTA
  • NYC Parks and Recreation
  • NYC Department of Design and Construction
  • NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation


  • Skanska
  • Turner Construction
  • Trane
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Tishman
  • Zwicker Electric

One World Trade Center

IDL Electric had the privilege to be a part of rebuilding One World Trade Center, Freedom Tower. Our participation started with the installation of the fiber optic backbone for the environmental management system of the building.

This included normal and emergency power risers extending up from the fourth sub-basement through to the roof’s mechanical room. The second phase of our work involved the electrical installation of the extremely sensitive security system for the loading dock area.

7 Line Extension

IDL Electric had a major part to play in the extension of the 7 line. For the new station at 34th Street Javits Center, we installed and wired the communication systems, interactive customer information signs, platform lighting, lighting on the incline escalator, and art display lighting for the site P entrance on 34th Street and 11th Avenue.

Transit Renewal & Hydraulic Elevator Reconstruction

IDL Electric participated in the renewal and reconstruction of hydraulic elevators at Brooklyn Bridge Station, 51st Street Station, and 125th Street Station. This required work in both day and night shifts to ensure passenger safety during normal daytime hours. During the evening, we completed work that could not be safely accomplished during normal train schedules.

The reconstruction of the hydraulic elevators required swift and efficient work, as it was of critical importance to restore assisted access to the platforms of the station for New York’s senior and mobility challenged residents. It was truly a pleasure to restore elevator service, knowing the critical impact the access has on the quality of life for many New Yorkers.

2nd Avenue New Construction

IDL Electric was involved with the Second Avenue line construction during the last year of the projects. We were contracted to help ensure critical timeline completion for environmental controls, 15,000 volt cabling for light and power distribution, and communication between vital systems for operation of the line.

Our teams worked in shifts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to make the long awaited opening date of Second Avenue a reality.